• To implement the National Food Act,
    • To regulate the manufacture, sale, import and export of food for commercial purposes,
    • To guarantee food safety and fitness for human consumption,
    • To promote fair trade practices in food and,
    • To provide for related matters.
Core Outcomes:
    • Improved access to appropriate technologies to enhance food safety,
    • Sustainable growth in commercial food production and processing,
    • Increased access to adequate and safe food supplies,
    • Improved food market access
Core Outputs:
    • More effective, efficient and affordable food advisory services
    • Effective Food Standard Policy
Program Overview:

The new Food Division will focus on the following core functions;

    • Implement the Food Act to guarantee food safety and fitness for human consumption
    • Employ Food Risk Management Program to ensure all food produced and distributed/sold in the Kingdom meets the prescribed standards of food safety and food quality.
    • Promote consumer education on food safety and nutrition.
    • Provide food research and development on food matters to facilitate the development of the food industry in Tonga.
Upgrading of Food Division facilities:

The program goal is to upgrade the FD facilities to meet Division’s needs in order to achieve the new Food Division’s outputs and outcome.