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The Quarantine and Quality Management Division is responsible for protecting Tonga’s Plant and Animal resources including the environment from the introduction and spread of exotic pests/diseases as stipulated in the Plant Quarantine Act.

  • Efficient and effective Quarantine and quality management services
  • Market access
  • More effective legal framework and quarantine system aligned with national priority in place to facilitate the protection of our border from exotic pests and diseases
  • More effective, efficient and affordable Quarantine services through sustainable export pathways, better market access and efficient inspection.
Program Overview:

Quarantine has a critical role to play in protecting Tonga from threats that can destroy our agricultural industry. The Division works on improving the current facilities and improves the manpower to effectively screen and monitor the borders from damaging diseases and pest from imports.

Quaratine Border Control & Awareness Program:

The program involves the quarantine public awareness through media promotions and training programs focusing on quarantine procedures and regulation with respect to importation and exportation of plants and animals into Tonga.

Upgrading Quarantine Facilities:

The program involves improvement of quarantine infrastructure/equipment to facilitate the screen of all passengers with accompanied goods at the airport. Part of these facilities includes quarantine container and standby generator for the 15 x 3phase container outlets.