Saturday, April 30th, 2016

  • To formulate, monitor, and review policy framework and regulatory system conducive for sustainable management of forest and trees resource
  • To ensure that the benefits and ecological services provided are maintained and enhanced for the livelihood of the present and future generations.
  • Improved appropriate and affordable technologies to enhance effective and efficient forests advisory services,
  • Sustainable growth in commercial forests production and processing, increased production and improve productivity
  • More coordinated, effective and appropriate advice on forestry sector formulated
  • Disseminated advice to farmers and relevant stakeholders to improve growth in forests production and processing, food security, import substitutions and better community livelihoods.
  • Effective system in place to facilitate the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use and management of natural forest resources
  • More coordinated, effective and continuous supply of seedlings to farmers and relevant stakeholders to increase production, exports and import substitutions.
Program Overview:

The Forestry Division will focus on promoting sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources through effective development of policies for forestry development, conservation and maintenance of national biodiversity, provision of technical advisory and support services. Division will address the continuous availability of variety of seedlings as one of the critical needs that hindered the development of forestry sector.

Furthermore, the Ministry aims at ensuring food security by means of increased agricultural production and income generation through crop intensification, diversification and improvement of agro-processing and marketing systems. The increase in agricultural production will be achieved mainly through improvement of soil fertility and erosion control. This is possible through promotion of agroforestry practices.

Forestry Production & Research Program:

Forestry Division will take key forest management decisions based on fundamentals of forestry science and appropriate research.

Conservation & Watershed management Program:

Damages caused by severe soil erosion are costly to rehabilitate within the watershed specifically in ‘Eua to maintain sustainable environment reducing sedimentation and flooding. The program aims to tackle majority of the land that are now currently suffering from mismanagement. The program will involve timber and fruit tree and sandal wood replanting.

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